Happy Thai New Year! (April 2011)

Many of you know that one of my passions, goals and visions is to see that Network Marketing really IS the next major profession like being a doctor, lawyer and university professor. I have good news for you. I think I have just found a place where it ALREADY IS. Welcome to South East Asia.

After 6 weeks of break, I thought to myself today, it is time to get back into the routine of writing my blog! You may be asking: why have you not been in touch or writing? I have spent the last 6 weeks between Thailand and Malaysia, building our business with Miguel and I must say I have never been busier in my life!

We have had some incredible experiences, which make me think that here in South East Asia, network marketing really is the next major profession. Sometimes people ask me, how would I know that network marketing really becomes a recognised profession?

We love network marketing in ASIA: Thais celebrate New Year in colourful shirts - and so did we!

Over 10 million people are involved in Thailand in the network marketing industry, out of which about 35% are full time, which means about 3,5 million are professional network marketers. This is all in the population of about 63,800,000 people. More than 1 in 18 people in Thailand is a full-time network marketer. If you want to check out these statistics look at this page. As a comparison, in Thailand only 0.37 people per 1000 in the population are medical doctors, where as 54 people are network marketers. That’s a lot of network marketers per one medical doctor! Mhmmm… Interesting!

Next thing that I encountered, really helped dawn on me that network marketing really has arrived and is here to stay as the Major profession. On my daily drive back from the office, I came across the building and office of a major Thai network marketing company, that has been in business for 5 years. One night, as I was coming back after 10pm I saw in the window of a huge ground floor customer meeting space that there were more that 100 people on small round tables doing 1:1 presentation in groups of 3 or 4 people. There is more than 700 companies that operate here and all around the city there are thousands of offices like this, eagerly working towards their dreams!

In between a couple of meetings in a lobby of a 5 star hotel, I saw a well dressed gentlemen that also just finished a meeting and I was curious what kind of business he was involved in. My guess was insurance, but he was a top leader of another network marketing company and when we got talking, I discovered he used to be a high-paying lawyer! The title and content of one of my favorite books came to my mind: Dr Charles King: The new professionals. he describes how doctors and lawyers are now getting more involved in network marketing. Here we were – a doctor and a lawyer, exchanging experiences from the industry that has become our passion!

So, if you are still thinking whether you should get involved or not – you are wasting you time! Network marketing is the next major profession -and it is absolutely true that we have a FAR better way.

I would love to know what you think about this list, so please post your comments below.

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